Prices and rates

Prices and rates

To make your holiday a more diverse, we offer the following services for hire:

ATVs for adults and children


elektroskuter Segway,

Bikes for adults and kids,

Battery cars for kids


rods for fishing,

Boats and Electromotive raft.

  For fans of team play area for paintball games, and for those who like to shoot - shooting.


Rent a raft 200,00 UAH/30 min
Boat 100,00 UAH/30 min
Battery cars for kids 70,00 UAH/10 min
Bikes for adults 100,00 UAH/30 min
ATV Rental:
300,00 UAH/10 min
600,00 UAH/30 min
1000,00 UAH/hour
Elektroskuter Segway 150,00 UAH/30 min
Rods for fishing 100,00 UAH
Electric bike 300,00 UAH/hour
Wi-Fi Free
Parking Free