Touch ... Gentle as a breath of wind, sharp as ice water. For many years people try to learn the secrets of his own body to throw off fatigue, relieve pain, to gain energy and tune in to perform great deals. Massage - the science of touch.


At Spa center has all conditions for a first-class massage: the master who can guide the energy flow of the body, the room in oriental style, soothing meditative music, magic fragrance and soft light. The moment when you crossed the threshold, once you feel - here dominates the cult of the body.

Massage therapists can help you choose exactly the type of massage that is required by your body. Full body massage - the most versatile.

Master during the course around an hour carefully working with the back and front surfaces of the body, using different techniques - stroking, rubbing and vibration. Caring touch of massage therapist will return your body to feel whole. If in need of a massage is a separate part of the body - head, legs and stomach - it makes sense to channel the energy of the masseur was there, choosing one of the procedures of segmental massage.


Tired of the hustle and bustle, the intensity of the work reaches a critical point - the agenda for a relaxation massage. Our body is designed so that during the stress muscles tense up involuntarily, due to complex relationships between mental and physical states of man. Fortunately, the system operates in the opposite direction, stretching tight muscles, massage therapist increase spirit and ability to work. It is recommended to have sessions of massage and relaxation after training in the gym or to remove a pleasant tiredness of water treatment. Session lasts 30-40 minutes, with the therapist pays attention mainly on the back surface of the body and spine - areas that have more than others to suffer from daytime fatigue.


Massage stone "Sabai" - a unique mineralized therapy aimed at combating free radicals by direct skin contact with the compounds of copper and zinc. Mongolian horsemen have used stone massage before battles to free the muscle from the fear and add them to a winning force. This technique assists the removal of toxins, tones internal organs, stimulates circulation and relieves the body from pain and discomfort.

Adherents of Russian steam bath massage awaits brooms - a very effective way to warm up the lungs, bronchi, lower back, prostate - a men, a female ovaries. Massage brooms removal of residues and cleanse the skin, birch - remove daytime fatigue and soothes, oak - tones and fabrics needed to fill the life force.


Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets for you to open session after the honey and salt and coffee massages. Both techniques assist the improvement of the skin, blood circulation, rejuvenation and renewal of the body. The particles of salt or coffee acts as a scrub - remove dead cells and help the formation of new ones. The masseur rubs carefully all parts of your body, front and rear surfaces, pays special attention to problem areas that need correction.