SPA Hotel Pools

SPA Hotel Pools are four types of pools:

Pool "Yenisei" indoors (90m ³), depth from 1.20m to 1.80 m, water temperature 29 ° C with a hydro massage - is equipped with a counter-current swimming for sports, a waterfall to massage the upper body and head, geyser for the air-bubble body massage.



Pool "Ontario" under glass (50m ³), 8.8m * 4m, depth from 1.00m to 1.60m, water temperature 30 ° C - is equipped with a counter-flow for the sport of swimming. Choose a cozy corner at a table near the pool to enjoy a herbal tea or fresh coffee. There is a soft sofa for relaxation, where you can order anything from the menu and enjoy the rest.


Pool "Baikal" in the open air (100 m ³), 13m * 5m, depth from 0.9 m to 2.45 m, water temperature 31 ° C - is equipped with a counter-flow for sport-swimming, a waterfall massage of the upper torso, shoulder and head, the two hydro sites for massage the back and loins.



There are children's outdoor swimming pool (2 m ³), 3 m * 2.6 m, depth 0.3 m, water temperature 35 ° C to 38 ° C.


Thermo-baptismal font outdoors (10m ³), 2,7 m * 2,3 m, depth 1.7 m water temperature 37 ° C.


On the territory of the aquatic center have three whirlpools.

SPA-pool, whirlpool inside the six sites, water temperature 35 ° C - is equipped with a massage, "Shiatsu," a group of jets, a symmetric action of water jets (16 jets) in the biologically active points (massage is based on the traditional techniques, restores health and harmony of the body) .



Whirlpool spa pool (2 m ³) (company USSPA), at five places in the open air, the water temperature is 36 ° C - is equipped with a Turkish massage "Hammam Complex" - 12 jets that rotate to effectively act on the muscles throughout the back and forearms, improve circulation, additional stand-alone injector provides a massage in the neck. Water saturated with ozone.

Jacuzzi whirlpool for five seats in the open air (for the Baikal basin), water temperature 37 ° C - a group of nozzles is equipped with a symmetric action of water jets. Massage "Fan Complex" - 8 rotating nozzles of different sizes, will give you an unforgettable massage acts on the major muscle groups of the back area of ​​the elbows, palms. Water saturated with ozone.



Whirlpool bath "Medisana" for foot massage makes it possible to lift the foot and leg veins and relieves

the veins and lymph vessels. Combines the action of water and massage, combining relaxing property and health effect. Beneficial effect on tired legs and varicose veins.

If you prefer a swarthy flawless skin, then we invite you to visit our solarium, offering professional tanning products that will provide a beautiful shade, and the means to care for skin after sunburn.


In summer the area for your good rest offered free beds (not bookable in advance). Here in the warm season you can order anything from the menu and enjoy the rest in the open.

Looking for a spa near Kiev? Visit our SPA-complex and you don’t be indifferent!