Sauna and steam bath

There are bath and sauna room  near Kiev for your relaxation.

On the ground floor hall and aquatic center is the thermal relaxation - sauna and steam bath.

Finnish sauna with air temperatures of 90 ° C, 20% humidity. At the same time has capacity maximum of four people.

Russian bath where the temperature is 85 ° C, 60% humidity. Availably massages oak and birch brooms. At the same time can be a maximum of four people.


Roman sauna with a steam generator, air temperature 45 ° C, 100% humidity. At the same time can be a maximum of four people.

Infrared sauna - provides deep heat, air temperature 55 ° C. At the same time can be a maximum of two people.


Room for peeling of the body (one person) - this is a great way to quickly update all the cells of the skin, fill them with energy and strength. Scrub removes dead skin particles of dead skin. The skin becomes smooth and very soft.

  After thermal treatments you can plunge into the baptismal font with ice water, take a contrast shower or get a point massage with circular shower.


Circular shower - water therapy treatment, during which the body is fed a stream of water a certain pressure and temperature. A large number of water jets that come out of small holes pipes greatly increase the elasticity of the skin. First of all, a bath is useful as a way to improve the prevention of immune recovery after physical and nervous stress, it is necessary for athletes and people who are engaged in heavy physical labor, and also acts as an effective means of psychotherapy. Sauna steam is needed for those who often suffer from respiratory diseases. Broom in the bath makes its own special effect.


The oak’s leaves consist tannins and essential oils. These components make the skin supple, well cleaning it, treat inflammation, as well as prevent high blood pressure.

  Birch broom relieves muscle and joint pain from injuries and physical overload. Contains ascorbic acid, carotene, volatile. All substances have beneficial effect on the human body.

The best sauna and steam bath, near Kiev - is, of course, our complex thermal relaxation! This will satisfy the most sophisticated fans of this type of holiday

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