SPA center

The modern SPA center with swimming pool near Kiev

On the ground floor boutique hotel is a modern SPA center. We are doing everything possible to ensure proper rest for our guests. Indeed, the best swimming pools near Kiev are together! Pool "Yenisey", pool "of Ontario," pool "Baikal" and children's pool. The complex has three whirlpool baths (hot tubes), thermal relaxation room, winter garden, lounge place by the water, recreation area, fitness room, solarium, 3 room Spa treatments and massages.


Many pools in Kiev are equipped with good facilities and are able to give visitors water activities, but our pool - with a year-round water heating. Two modern swimming pools with salt water, which have on the human therapeutic and preventive effects - belongs only to sea water. For complete comfort and enjoyment of our guests, swimming pools and whirlpool baths, use powerful system cleaning and water filtration (USSPA Company (USA) Simultaneously, in the center of the water may be no more than 40 people in according to stringent sanitary standards. Immerse yourself in our water world, and let swimming in the pool will not only pleasant but also useful!


For fans of Bath vacation offer Russian sauna, infrared, Finnish and Roman saunas. After thermal treatments you will find a font with ice water. Take a contrast shower or enjoy a massage to a point with the circular shower. A unique collection of aroma-oils to satisfy every taste.

For each guest (not staying in the hotel) in the locker, the corresponding number on the bracelet - kits are provided: free slippers, sheets and towels. For residents - provided kits without lockers.
For an additional set, please contact the administrator of the SPA center, the unit cost is 20.00 UAH. If you do not have bathing accessories with you, you can buy everything necessary in a SPA boutique.
The SPA complex with a swimming pool is open to all comers from 08:00 am to 01:00 am.

Attention: The time of stay in the Spa-center after 01:00 hours is paid at the rate of 500.00 UAH. per person for each subsequent hour

  For an individual lease, please contact the administrator.

Our SPA-boutique offers:

  Men's Swim 350.00

Swim for children 50.00

swimwear 400.00

Hats for adults 50.00

Caps for kids 50.00

Goggles 50.00

Bathroom slippers 35.00

  Shower Cap 10.00

Comb 5.00

  Sponge Shower 25.00

Shampoo or shower gel 15.00

Hygiene means 100.00

Guidelines for visitors SPA center:

  To take a shower before the water treatments, as well as using the services of SPA center to adhere to the established rules of hygiene;

  To consume food and beverages only in the Winter Garden or in specially designated areas;

  Smoking only in designated areas;

For avoid injury, be extremely careful using the services of the water center, as well as adhere to safety rules.


The SPA center is prohibited:

 To bring any food, alcoholic and soft drinks;

 To use of soap and salt resources in the jacuzzi and swimming pools;

To use  glassware in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi;

 To throw in a swimming pool and Jacuzzi foreign things;

 To jump with a side of the pool;

To visit the SPA center with animals;

 To be in the center of the water without a bathing suit;

 To visit the SPA center drunk and on drugs;

  Smoking is not allowed. If you wish to smoke - you need to enter the open area SPA center, and smoking, respecting the health-improving visitors center;

  to leave children under the age of ten years without parental care.


Please note:

  in violation of established rules of conduct, visitors will be forced to leave the territory of the SPA center;

  The administration of the complex is not responsibly for injuries that result from violations of safety rules and established the rules of hygiene;

The administration of the complex is not responsible for the storage of valuables left unattended visitors;

  penalty for a lost key and bracelet - 100.00  UAH, for the loss of key card in the name of the visitor - 50.00 UAH;

  If you what to order to the waiter, you need to call the number keys-bracelets, payment of bills upon presentation by the key administrator of the hotel;